So this is admittedly esoteric and nerdy. Tentative title: It seemed reasonable to think he would improve and develop a voice of his own

It's a digital print from a lithograph I made after Durer's engraving St. Jerome in his study, gradually replacing the St. Jerome iconography with the iconography and person of Wynton Marsalis (famous for his virtuouso trumpet technique and distinctly anti-contemporary views on jazz), in an allegory for the role of tradition and new media for the contemporary artist, made clear as the image degrades.
Pros: opening the back end of scans of prints about prints and altering the code is meta, and fun. Glitching and repetition evokes pop art in interesting conceptual ways given the relationship of pop art to engraving
Cons: esoteric and inscrutable subject matter limit the informed audience to almost nobody at all, reducing it to an aesthetic object again. All the explanation and context is lost.

Anyone got thoughts/opinions? I'm thinking it's time to leave art historical/theoretical subject matter behind because it's too esoteric, and to focus on the idiosyncratic, personal, and distinctly unique aspects of my artmaking. However, glitching is really fun to do with my own source traditional printing.

Sorry if this all nonsense to all of you...