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Hey guys! This is a post for you to share what you’re working on. Not a post that’s a work in progress (although it was, for like a week!).

If you’re anything like me, then when times get tough, your number #1 coping skill is to escape into an artistic project. Given the hellfire of this week, I thought giving ourselves a little kudos for our WIPS might be a good idea.

So I want to know: What are you working on? How’s your progress? What are some of the challenges? What are some of the things you’ve been totally ace on?

Don’t feel shy about what you want to share! Absolutely anything is okay. Writing, illustration, home renovation, knitting, you name it. If it’s a hobby where you make things, I want to hear about it!


I’ll start.


So I’ve posted about this before, but I like to do creative writing, and specifically I like to do creative writing in journals. I’ve been writing a fantasy novel called The End of Era in journals now for about two years. I’m on the 9th journal and about halfway through the story. I know this might sound excruciatingly slow, but it’s actually fast for me - and faster than working in a word processor, because then I get stuck revising and editing. I’m not going to rewrite the same scene twenty times in a journal so I end up progressing faster through the drafting stage.

I’ve also found that I really, really like writing in journals. I like the tactile sensation of it. I like the sense of progress as the pages fill up and the bookmark migrates across the journal. It also gives me a chance to be a collector of All The Things. Right now I’m collecting journals, bookmarks, and pens.


I’ve been meaning to do a post about this but I went to Otakon this year and got a shit-ton of journals. Like, seven journals, all from great artists that I want to celebrate in their own post.


I’m kind of mad that I can’t link the journal that I have right now because it’s super cute and I want to celebrate the artist. It’s a beautiful journal with a cute picture of three dragonites in postman outfits circling each other in the air. The art is adorable and the colors are lovely pastels. I love it but I can’t find the website of the artist, which is annoying because I want to celebrate her! The only downside of the journal is that it’s not lined, so I’m trying my best to approximate lines on blank paper. But it was so cute I got it anyway. <3 :)

Pens and bookmarks easier to link because they’re things you can find on Amazon. My favorite pens are PaperMate InkJoy Gel. It slides really nice and for the most part doesn’t smear (their ads say it doesn’t smear at all, that’s not quite true, but it is the best gel pen I’ve found for non-smearing). Right now I’m writing with some colorful pens because it’s not work-related and I can.


I’m using the light-colored bookmark from this magnet pack as I migrate through the journal. I like to “sacrifice” a bookmark to every journal, meaning that I leave the bookmark on the last page of the journal when I reach it, and then use a new bookmark for the next journal.

The above bookmarks are cute but my favorite line of bookmarks are from i-Clips. Look at these beautiful unicorns! My bookmarks are always magnetic now; it’s really the best.


What I’m Proud Of

I finally went for it and wrote a long passage where a considerable amount of time passes in the story. This is hard for me as I’m typically more comfortable moving characters from scene to scene, not month to month, but it was necessary and actually turned out kind of fun. I have a feeling I missed a lot of stuff that I’ll have to go back in and add (and wrote a lot of stuff that I’ll need to cut), but that’s why it’s a rough draft!


What I’m Learning

Damn, more than most journals, I’ve written a lot of scenes in this 9th one that I have a feeling will not be in the final version in any shape or form.


And I guess I’m learning to be okay with that? It seems like I can’t get to the good scenes without writing the crappy scenes first, sometimes. Perhaps a metaphor for life...

Share your projects below!

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