Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Inspired by Smithwellette's Sunday Dinner post, as well as all the great comments, I've decided to ask for some suggestions. I need to start taking my lunch to work. I spend too damn much money on average salads, bland rice bowls, and over-salted soups from the food-court in my building. I need good, healthy home-made food for lunch! I've done pasta salads in the past, but I need variation! What's your favorite "bagged" lunch? I'm a bit of a food-snob, so I'm not happy with a boring old sandwich. Also, I'm pescatarian, which complicates things. Any ideas?

EDIT: To clarify - I have a refrigerator at work, but absolutely no prep area. Lunch needs to be completely ready to eat when it leaves home.


EDIT (Again): I don't even have access to a microwave, so it has to be either cold, or room temp. Now you can see why this is a challenge...

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