ETA: Wow! That's a strong vote for going. Thanks to all for the advice. Sigh. I guess I'm going. Wish me luck and minimal awkwardness! ๐Ÿ˜œ

I was hired in mid-October as a seasonal employee, so I've been at the store for a while now. I decided to stay on part-time after the holidays were over. Now, I've been invited to the post-Christmas Christmas store party next week. There's a list on the wall of people rsvp-ing.

My question is, should I go? Do I have to go? I'm not very sociable and never do things like this. But I also don't want to insult or isolate myself from the other workers or managers that will be there. I'm new, part-time and a keep to myself kind of person.

Ugh. Hellllppp...