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Work Place Rage

My boss is going to be out for a couple weeks so she asked me to do a couple reports that she usually does. Simple things like, "How much of X product did we sell in this time frame?" Cake walk, I used to do this shit all the time.

Attempt #1:

"Done! 36,000 units last quarter."

"That's not what I got, I got 34,000."

"Hm, I wonder what's up."

"Did you remember to remove all canceled orders?"

"Oh, no, good call."


Attempt #2:

"I'm still coming up with 36,000 units. Am I missing something here?"

"How are you spelling 'canceled?' The system only recognizes it if its spelled 'cancelled' with two 'L's."


"That's not how we spell canceled in this country. That's 'cancel-led.' Whatever, I'm not the king of English, I'll try it again."


Attempt #3

"Okay, I removed canceled orders but I'm still coming up wrong. I'm getting 35,000 units now."


"Are you removing canceled line items? Like if they didn't cancel the whole order but just changed that line."

"God fucking damn it. No, I forgot. But that makes sense. One second."


Attempt #4

"I've removed canceled orders and line items but I'm still coming up with 35,000 units."


"Oh, when you try to cancel a line item you have to spell it 'canceled.'"

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