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Work Problems

I had Monday off, for obvious reasons. So it was already going to be a light week for me in terms if working hours, and I am paid by the hour so these involuntary days off aren't my favorite thing.

But then I had Tuesday off, because there was a fuckton of snow. I didn't make the decision—the mom told me not to come in because the city buses weren't running and of course I don't have my own car, I am in my early twenties and watch other peoples' kids for a living!

And then today she tells me that snow days are unpaid, so it's basically the same as if I just randomly blew off work. On the one hand, when I work a three day week it is fairly reasonable to expect that I'll get paid for a three day week. But when my week is shorter because my boss tells me to stay home and I have no say at all (I might have been able to take a cab, and yeah that's expensive but not as expensive as a whole day of work lost!), it seems crazy to penalize me like this. I can't afford this!


This is my number one problem with my boss: giving me light weeks or short days or random days off, which all together eat into my earnings severely. I enjoy my job and I am good at it, so I don't need a ton of extra days off. I want to be at work, earning money.


Is this normal employer behavior? It probably is, but it still pisses me off.

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