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Work Question/Drama

So, Monday at work, a client asked coworker (Who I shall refer to as B) to do something for her. B didn't know how to and my boss was there and was telling her how to do it. However, B insisted on doing it her way (the incorrect way) and wasn't getting any results. B can be hard headed sometimes, anyhow. Boss then asks me to do it the way she was showing B, and I do. I found what the client wanted in 30 seconds. Now here is the problem. B has been storming around the office for days. She will not talk to me at all. When she needs me to sign on off on projects or do something, she throws it at me. Today she was doing something against policy and I told her, she continued to do so. It's been almost 5 days now, and I find that behavior to be childish considering this person is 25+ years my senior. I just don't know what to do at this time.

*this is rambling so don't mind me.

and has the commenting changed again...errrrrrrrrrrrr


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