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I know you think it’s stupid. I know you think it doesn’t matter. I know you think getting a Starbucks order is beneath you.

But for fucks sake, LISTEN TO WHAT SOMEONE HAS SAID TO YOU AND WRITE IT DOWN. It’s not hard. Starbucks orders are so easy I could do them in my sleep.

You might think getting a drink order right is stupid, but how would you feel if the person getting your coffee didn’t give a shit about getting it right? How would you feel if you asked for a plain coffee and instead you got a massive frothy vanilla mocha caramel raspberry confection?


Jesus Christ, it’s not that hard to LISTEN to people and pay attention to detail. Now I look like an asshole because of YOU, IDIOT COWORKER.

I’m not actually that mad but really, it’s annoying when people don’t care about things that aren’t theirs. That dick was persnickety as fuck about the amount of shrimp he got on his plate at lunch but it ‘doesn’t matter’ that he got the coffee order wrong. It actually does matter, twatwaffle. It matters to the person who now has to drink the swill they didn’t order lest they look like a jackass for sending it back.

(The person in question did just go ahead and drink the wrong coffee and asked for the right coffee a few minutes later. I’m lucky this person is easy going.)

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