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Work Rant

Do you ever feel like being good at your job is a punishment? Like when you notice and problem or a deadline about to be missed because of obliviousness and when you escalate it, instead of holding the original person responsible accountable, it is suddenly your job to take care of it? That happened to me today.

I get to do the test that the original person made no effort to complete. There were no extenuating circumstances other than their own bad time management. I asked our supervisor about it because I work in QC and if certain timelines are missed it’s a whole issue. So now I get to do the test instead even though we are all busy.


Well, PiranhaPlant, why didn’t you just ignore it and let them miss their deadline and deal with the consequences? 1. Our testing can delay medical development if not done properly and can result in FDA audit findings. 2. If he missed it I guarantee it would still be handed off to me but with even less notice. I don’t know why this particular analyst gets away with such shitty work ethic all the time. Most of us are working at 90% capacity on an easy day and 130% on a shitty day. “Joey” is somehow allowed to work at like 30% snails pace and not manage his own time and still have it become someone else’s problem.

I’m just pissed about it because this is just an ongoing problem.

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