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Work Rant (Wine Whine?)

So, my company has a hell of a hard time holding on to salespeople. This is largely because we are a very small booze distributor, and as such, don't intrinsically move the volumes of alcohol that many larger distributors can which would result in large commission checks for salespeople. This is thanks in part to the moronic Three Tier system of alcohol regulation in the US, which essentially sets up mini monopolies all over the place for distributors. Ergo, if one distributor carries, for instance, Captain Morgan, in a specific area, retailers and restaurants have to purchase their Captain Morgan from that distributor. No exceptions. It's unpleasant price-fixing and all sorts of bullshit. On the upside, a lot of retailers truly loathe this system and go out of their ways to purchase form smaller distributors, such as the one for which I work.

Anyway, recently, we hired - and then lost - a sales person in the matter of 2.5 months. She started off with me on the wrong foot by swooping into my sales territory and nabbing a really high-end customer that she had a peripheral connection with, thereby undercutting my commission. This is typically a HUGE sales no-no, but at the time, I understood that it was more important to get into this specific customer than for the customer to be "mine." So, whatever.


Since she quit, the rest of the sales force has had to cover her active customers until we hire a replacement. So, diligent employee that I am (and a person who likes paying her bills), I started calling on some of her her so-called active customers. These are the customers she supposedly saw on a semi-regular basis.

Well, no. She never once went in to most of the customers she listed as active. Wonderful.


This morning, I was going through our old invoices to see what inventory had been moved, etc. I just found three invoices made out to her for samples of our products, all within the last 6 weeks. She walked away from this job with almost $2,000 worth of mostly high-end, rare products.

I am so angry and frustrated. My boss is an incompetent manager, albeit a nice guy, and had he been keeping an eye out, or had be hired someone to do so, she wouldn't have been able to pull off her little heist. Her theft isn't worth pursuing legally, I'm sure, but it makes me so very angry.


I love my job. I want to keep doing my job for this company. Her dishonesty doesn't directly affect me, but we're a very small operation. Any funny business can come back and bite all of us on the behinds. I need to go smash something.

Thanks for listening, GT.

TL;DR: People suck.

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