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Work related question

I recently got demoted for some nonsense reason, but prior to that I was applying to other positions including 1 management role that would have been a promotion for me. My demotion was clearly stated that it was not performance.

I got asked to interview for that promotion position.

The demotion was apparently a communication issue / dressing the “part”

I was never outside of dress code, I just didn’t “dress” like a manager in their eyes. We have jeans allowed in the office, and a LOT of managers wear jeans every day with a nice blouse. That’s what I wore daily and mixed it up with slacks here or there. I just didn’t always wear makeup... Any time I would wear a dress I would also get complained about that it was too short. (Past my fingertips & knees, stockings were always worn.)


They cannot tell me what the “on-going” communication “issue” specifically was either. I had an issue during mid-year where I handled something incorrectly, but the discussion was done and I was under the assumption we’ve moved from it.


What do I do here? I dont know what to tell them if they ask. I do not show “demoted” yet, I still show my manager title in work. It’s been a week now since they told me. They even moved me to 3rd shift due to the shift and I need out. I am physically getting sick the longer I work overnights.

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