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Work relationships during the pandemic

How are your work relationships going during the pandemic? I feel like some of mine are just disintegrating, some are fine, and some I am avoiding because I need to have some difficult conversations.* I avoid those conversations on a good day, but doing them now just seems horrible.

Like, you have to ask for a time to talk and then have the discussion either via zoom or over the phone, which makes everything feel heavier and more stressful than if you could just grab someone and check a perception casually, or just hash things out on the fly. Or you try it via text and it gets unresolved bc one or both stop texting or hit a wall. Or what if you have concerns about a relationship, but the other person isn’t being responsive? Pre-COVID, if you were worried, you could just have a casual conversation and see if things feel ok or not.


I have concerns that we may all see decrements to our social skills. And at least for people who live alone - our abilities to negotiate interpersonal challenges in the workplace may worsen. Maybe we will bounce back quickly? Or maybe not ...

Please tell me I’m not alone with this.

*Of note, I work in a field in which interpersonal interactions are a big part of our work and are often very stressful/confounding, even for the most socially skilled.

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