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Work sads

Just found out my boss is resigning. Her last day technically isn't until the end of the year, but with all the out-of-hours hounding by the board of trustees she has like 238497329 hours of comp time so her last day in the office will be Friday. She's been not only the most supportive boss - after I came into this field semi-mid career and had a few stumbles early on - but my biggest cheerleader, who always believed in me. She demanded my best work and that made me learn what I am capable of. She's not officially a mentor but I owe so much to her professionally. While I'm not worried that the changing of the guard means my job is in jeopardy, I'm just not thrilled about what the future may hold with whomever is hired to replace her. I want to tell her all of this (although I know that, like any good mom/mother figure, she already knows) but my waterworks start up at the drop of a hat so I think I will put it in a card or letter.

Groupthink, as soon as I started feeling sad about this I knew exactly who to tell. I mean I told Mr. Bird too but he is a LET ME INTERRUPT YOU TELLING ME ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS SO I CAN TELL YOU HOW YOU CAN FIX IT type and I don't feel in the mood for that.

Do any of you have stories about inspiring bosses or coworkers in general? Have you kept in touch with former supervisors?


I feel kind of like this kitten:

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