Hey, GT, it’s been a while; I’ve mostly been lurking for various reasons, but I really need to vent about a weird (to me) job situation.

Remember last year when I got what I thought was a dream job at a certain national baseball league? I’m still there a year later, although I’m pretty burned out on it at this point. I can’t really go into the details of what I do, but my day to day tasks are pretty monotonous and overall not very intellectually stimulating, and I’m someone who needs to be pretty mentally occupied at all times to stay happy.

Anyway, in my department there are three basic tiers of employees - assistant, senior assistant and assistant coordinator. I was hired as an assistant, ... and I’m still an assistant. Last week they promoted a few people to senior assistant, and here’s the thing - not all of them of have been at the company as long as I have. I thought that was unfair, and I spent the better part of the last week agonizing over the fact that coworkers were promoted over me even though I have seniority over them.

Yesterday, I finally worked up the nerve to talk to my direct supervisor about the issue, and the conversation was confusing at best. I told him I thought the process by which he and the other supervisors choose new senior assistants seemed rather random, and he was rather perturbed by that. (In prior jobs, I either knew going in promotion wasn’t an option or advancement was easy because of high turnover and it became kind of a free-for-all; it both cases I at least knew what the bottom line was in terms of being promoted. Here, it’s always been ambiguous and there are definitely not any postings ever about better positions.) I kind of pushed him on the issue, and he said they do consider seniority but ... also not, given that he promoted people over me, although he admitted he and the supervisors knew that would ruffle some feathers. (He certainly ruffled mine.) We talked about my own job performance, and the only thing he seemed to be less than positive about was my ability to communicate. That’s fair, I suppose, I am not very good at interpersonal communication and don’t explain things well verbally. However, my job doesn’t require talking to anyone but my coworkers (as opposed to customers/the public), and we’re encouraged to use an online chat platform to troubleshoot and whatnot. Moreover, he and the other supervisors aren’t really active in the chat, so I don’t really understand how my or anyone else’s ability to communicate well in this job is being gauged.

I don’t really know where to go from here. My supervisor let slip that our part of the company bought another company that will be moving to our building and there will probably new positions (I’m guessing in a liaison capacity or something). I told him I was extremely interested in doing something other than assistant work, and he told me he was glad I told him that so he and the other supervisors can consider that when the next time they making a staffing change. To me, that remark made it sound like if I had told him earlier I was tired of being an assistant I might have had a better chance of being promoted, and maybe I should have, but who knows. He hinted that he understood if I wanted to look for another job because they do know our tasks are really boring, and I have been here a surprisingly long time, but he told me to try to hang on until early next year when the new company has been brought into the fold. Despite all of this promotion nonsense, I really do like my direct supervisor - he’s the nicest manager I’ve had in a long time - and I want to give him a chance, but I also feel like I’ve been wasting my time with this job in a big way and want to move on. On the other hand, I have a lot of weird, non-work bullshit on my plate right now, and I really don’t have the energy to look for a new job. This sucks.