Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I just had a little breakdown at work. I have a cold. Someone asked me how I'm feeling. I am not feeling well, and it's evident by my lost voice. And then... I teared up, broke down, and told her something I haven't told anyone else.

It's really hard to live alone when you're sick. It's really really hard to not have any close friends when you're sick. It's super duper hard to be single when you're sick. I require constant cups of steaming hot tea with honey... and I'm sick of making them for myself. And it's pretty much impossible to get a backrub when you're sick and alone.


I just... need company. I blew my voice out this weekend, because this cold has stolen it from me and I had to get on stage in front of full houses and talk for 2 hours at full volume and with clear diction. I woke up Saturday with no voice. None. Couldn't produce a sound. Spend the day babying my chords and resting and doing all the hippie things actors do to get their chords working.

I'm just tired. And feeling sorry for myself. And needing a backrub.

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