I work on a global team. We are all VERY busy (managers and teams) with the exception of one location. Really, no one in my role should be there and the person there and her team are..well...bored. Mostly it’s her. The small team there is prettu fine getting paid to almost nothing and its been that way for years....Now, this person is trying to make more work FOR ALL of us and our teams in order to feel relevant. People are stressed and doing OT eveywhere else. It is not going to work. I am so frustrated by this stupidity. I wish my company was more cold hearted and would just end it, but it’s not happening so there is stress, fight, conflict, etc. As a pragmatist, it kills me. I am trying to just let it go and care less as an overall effort to not care about work as much as I did last year. Share your work gripes. Advice for caring less about work?