Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

After several months worth of frustration and negativity, things are fiiiiinally starting to look up! I had my review conversation with my terrible, passive-aggressive (and occasionally aggressive-aggressive) direct report last week. We had a very direct conversation about her behavior, and I gave her a strict and specific PIP. Tears were shed, but her emotions didn’t derail the conversation, and I thought she might actually be slightly willing to accept coaching.

Fast forward to this week, when the HR investigation pending against her (I won’t get into specifics, but it involves discrimination against poc) finally reached the point of her interview. Long story short, the two conversations happening in a relatively short amount of time must have clued her that her days were numbered, and she gave her notice today. I already have her replacement lined up, and schedules have been seamlessly adjusted. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to suppress my smile for the next few 2 weeks, because inside I’m like:

In non-work related news, I could use some advice on dealing with my dogs. Since Schnapsie’s much lamented passing last Tuesday, our remaining three dachshunds are completely out of control. I anticipated them being upset or out of sorts, I did not expect them to be so BAD. Max and Otto are literally peeing all over my house, no matter how many times they are let out through the day. Like, I practically needed a canoe to get through my living room this weekend. Schnitzel is far too well-mannered to stoop to such behavior, but he has taken to standing in the middle of the room and barking angrily, at all times of day and night. All three of them have been fighting with each other, which they have never done before. My vet suggested that they’re re-establishing their pecking order, because Schnapsie was without a doubt the boss of the four, and they’re all vying for the title. Has anyone dealt with this before? How long does this phase of doggy mourning last? Does anyone want 3 bad little dachshunds?


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