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Work: your limits

I need some urgent GT advice.

The job I took about a year ago has undergone some dramatic restructuring recently. Due to what I view as shortsighted pennypinching, the HO in Norway has closed us down for all R&D purposes, which means that all of my job roles that actually had professional development value are now gone. They have also not installed an executive here in Scotland and all decisions must be made through Norway. Which you would think might work, except that Norway does not communicate about any decisions and does not tell us what’s happening in our own fucking building; we all routinely find out critical information purely by accident.

Anyway, the point is, I am getting NOTHING out of this job except money. I can go back to freelance for a pay cut that would be the equivalent of about $400 per month, which is not insignificant, but also bearable. I keep talking myself into sticking with it long enough to find a new position, but it seems like every week I lose another networking or professional development opportunity because HO has taken it away (and also usually lied about it). I’ve already arranged with the local boss that I will “work” from “home” two days a week, and that at least is helping me stay sane. But, again, they continue to steadily take away every reason it would be an advantage for me to stay, barring the status of “you have a job at X,” and even with that, the mismanagement of this company is starting to make us look so professionally shit that I don’t feel I have much longer before it starts to stick to me too.


GT, what would be your limits here? Do I resign at close of play today? I’m leaning towards that, strongly.

EDITING TO ADD: I’ve resigned. I got yet another email from Norway that was dissembling and giving me conflicting information, and I realize I just cannot trust anything in this workplace. And, I’ve just found out that my colleague has done the same. Rats off a ship.

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