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Workin' It Out, Or How I Learned I Am Wonder Woman

I learned that I actually do have superhuman strength yesterday. Not bad for someone who smokes (will come back to that) and rarely exercises. I can really kick some ass. Well, my ass.


First, let me say the last time I worked out was before rehab, and that was two years ago.


I started my intensive training yesterday with my neighbor/dude that owns the gym. Here is the rundown:

So I walked over to the gym, not sure what to expect. It's kind of a 'boutique' gym. Like, exclusive. So it was pretty small, and my neighbor was the only person there (other trainers, but he's the head guy). He's like, this former football player, and has quite a reputation in what I call the 'LA circles'. A lot of people that live in my building are in that 'circle', but I digress and sound like an asshole. So let me stop rambling and resisting the dickish urge to name drop.

So the first thing he did is sit me down to go over my goals. Well, my goals are to become a lean, mean, ass-kicking machine. I don't weigh much (a fact I learned that day, about 102). But mostly I want to focus on getting toned, as well as developing more strength. I had an experience freshman year when I had to punch a frat guy (bigger than me, harassing me, I felt drunker than, In his room, the whole nine yards). Yeah, I beat him up to the extent that I could to get the hell out of there, so I know that adrenaline makes me into the Hulk. But, hey, I could always get stronger! That's actually my main reason to get fit: if I ever have to defend myself again, I want to be able to really pack a punch. It's not a boxing gym, but my neighbor said that starting here would help me a lot if I choose to join one.

Anyways, we went over my 'diet': pressed juice, pressed juice with protein powder, kale, pasta, coffee, cookies, gummi worms, and...well, that's basically it. I omitted the cigarette thing because I'm embarrassed (sarcasm: thank you yesterday's article and comments for making me feel sooooo good about the fact that I'm a dirty smoker). But for someone who has been smoking since 17, I've got great lung capacity. I'll get to his diet recommendations later.


Anyways, the crux of what we did: I balanced (really well), I did about 26 wight curls or whatever, I did a mile (10 minutes-my legs aren't very strong even though I walk everywhere), I did a plank for a minute, and I did 12 sit-ups (and thus why I need a core of steel). Plus some other stuff I thought I would suck at. But after the workout test, he said that I was a lot stronger than I looked, and have amazing focus and stamina. He recommended a half hour a week. Also, I ain't even sore today!

Also, he's an amazing coach. Now, my dad was a coach, former football/rugby player. And 'coaches' me about life. I call him coach. But my trainer does it better. He encourages me, and gives me positive feedback (my dad just gives me 'advice' that I already know). Which was really a nice change of pace.


Regarding the diet, he actually said it was okay because I get my nutrients through fluids, but I have to actually eat. Like chew. And he kindly said he and his girlfriend would have me over to learn to cook and take me to the farmers market. I know them a bit, and they're good people. So that was really nice of him. Perks of living down the hall, I guess.

It was actually a good way to end the day. I was distressed from therapy (another story), and was just in a bad place. But seeing that I can do this-that I have a good foundation-really gave me a boost. I needed it, and I look forward to working harder.


TL;DR: VV is going to be Wonder Woman for real, also pretty strong, and working out. And has an amazing trainer and is going to learn to cook! And is happy. And also not sore.

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