Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Working from home was a waste...

...a continuation of last night's post.

I worked from home so that in privacy I could accomplish my one goal: get an appointment asap for the mammogram and ultrasound. I made a lot of headway with one very reputable treatment center's radiology department, but right now my paperwork/prescriptions are with the appointment manager. I'm waiting for his/her approval on whether I can be granted an immediate appointment time. The office is now closed, so I'll have to wait for tomorrow and tomorrow I'll have be back at work. I definitely need the distraction because I was too much in my head today (NOW), but Im dreading all the phone calls I will need to make without privacy.


Thank you all so, so much for the kind words and hugs. It was really the only thing that calmed me down last night. This place is amazing!

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