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Today I was told that I'd lost weight since the last time I saw someone close to a year ago. I was supposed to take this as a compliment. The man who said it to me was perplexed when I was not overjoyed by this information.

But this is, bizarrely, totally normal in this business. I'm not an actor. I work in production. And yet, "Hey! You lost weight!" in an excited tone is a perfectly reasonable thing to say to me. Never mind that this person is a relative stranger I've worked with a grand total of twice for two full days before this. He thinks it's weird that I don't think it's appropriate to comment about my weight. But apparently I'm the only one.


I've walked in on conversations between two of the meanest-looking grips you'll ever see complimenting each other on getting rid of their "beer guts". I've been in the office when a lady coordinator gave a male director the ol' "Have you lost weight?" in a positive tone. And he was delighted to respond "Yes! I've been juicing!" Every person I've worked with has, at one time or another, openly said something about my body without hesitation.

"You look great!" is almost always followed by "You've lost weight!"

I can kind of understand talking to actors about their bodies (it's still messed up but actors trade on their looks so their looks are often relevant to discussions-also they'll never respond poorly to being told they've lost weight) but production people? We're not on camera. No one ever sees us. But we are 100% expected to be flattered by someone noticing that we've dropped a few pounds.

Just venting about something annoying. Does this happen with regularity where you guys work?

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