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Working Out Some Election Things

Okay, so, I think by now most people know I tend to lean Hillary in this presidential election, even though there are things that obviously are bothersome about her record. I was also born in 1990, so a lot of the things the Clinton administration did went over my head. Obviously the welfare reform bill of 1996 ended up being a disaster. And obviously people blaming Hillary for something her husband signed into law is at least partially rooted in sexism and is, though I am loathe to say it, the “price” a woman with political ambitions has to pay when her husband was also a politician.

This is where my question is: Did people know how badly the welfare reform bill was going to turn out when it was passed? Because to hear most people who condemn her for it, she should have somehow known that it was going to further impoverish vulnerable populations. I have this nagging feeling that there wasn’t nearly enough research done on its economic impact. I’m not interested in discussing the fact that she obviously didn’t vote for it, or that Congress did, or that her husband’s career shouldn’t necessarily impact her presidential candidacy. I just want to know if there should have been a crystal ball involved or if this was clear from the get-go.


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