I had a really terrible meeting today, during which I was called out for not being as productive as I should be. It was pretty humiliating. It was also justified. I've been avoiding things that I should be getting done. I've been taking advantage of my work's very flexible environment. Boss has given me more chances than a lot of other people would.

I've been suffering from depression for the last few months, and recently got myself on some medication that has made a difference, I think, but won't be 100% effective for another few weeks or so. I feel more functional, which is good.

I think it would be a good idea to write an e-mail to my boss, but I'm having issues formulating it. Do you guys have any advice on how to write an "I'm recovering from depression" e-mail.

I still kind of want to quit, work on my thesis full-time, and live on off my meager savings (I live with my mum) until I find a job in my field. This is probably not the right choice, but it is so, so appealing.