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Is so frustrating. Make an eff-ing decision.

My dance school has hosted a NYE party for the past 3 years. It was an outside organization that would rent out the space. Those organizers decided not to do anything this year because they always lost money (it was their own fault frankly - with the ticket price they had and the expensive bands from out of town they hired, there was no way it would be viable financially and they were too stubborn to change their formula so it constantly hemmoraged money).

So there is no NYE party as of yet and so I offered to make some inquiries because people are expecting something, at the suggestion/request of the office manager of the studio. I contacted a couple of locals bands and there are some availabilities, so I let them (office manager) know that if they want to to happen, there are options. However, the woman who owns the studio. who is just a terrible manager/decision maker (I have so many stories, but she’s your stereotypical “never follows through on shit she promises” because she micromanages the small details of crap that barely matters), wrote back saying “she needed to hear more about the band” without any definition of what that meant (does she want to know costs? # of sets? what?). And it turns out they might rent out the studio to an outside organisation for a private party, or partner with a bar around the corner. OKAAAAAY... BUT WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT TO DO THEN?!?! Have a new years party? Rent it out? JFC, make a decision, it’s 6 weeks from now.


I’m not selling them an event (which is how it’s being treated)- I’m doing them a favour by offering to organize it last minute because their clientele is expecting something on NYE. I’m not going to do 10 hours of work on this just to be told that they decided to rent it out . MAKE A DECISION! OMG I CAN’T EVEN....

I should have just not bothered.


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