Specifically for my glorious post-surgical scars! I don't want to fuck them up, you see.

PS if anyone wants a 'it's been three months let's talk about my boobs!' post just let me know. It's been... quite a journey.

Can I start doing things like weightlifting and rowing yet?? Will I royally screw over my healing process if I start using the rowing machine twice a week or so?

If I should still be avoiding upper body workouts, what are workouts using my lower body that also engages my core?


Though I fully realize that that's probably a silly and completely unobtainable goal. I got sorta close last year and I think I could get there for a bit if I really watch my diet (why is it all diet? why can't it just be "Do all the crunches and BAM" because I can do all the crunches but I MISS BREAD, DAMNIT.) but I'm not entirely certain I don't want it to be just a joke. Being that hardcore about exercise is just not my jam. I like the IDEA of a sixpack. I don't think I'd like the actual practice of acquiring one. Also I love beer and wine too much. Like, I'm going low-carb specifically so I don't have to give up wine and beer completely. Limited amounts, sure, unless it's a special occasion (we call that the weekend in Raptorland).


The weird focus on the rowing machine is because as much as it pains me to admit my horribly abusive college ex was right, it's one HELL of a workout. Like, ten minutes on that thing a couple times a week? Life is golden, and body shrinkage is almost guaranteed. Well, not really shrinkage. It burns a shitton of calories but you also gain a ton of muscle, so if you're not doing cardio along with it to burn fat I tend to get bigger before I get smaller. It's bizarre. How was all of this for a bunch of rambling nonsense?