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Workout talk please

I'm trying to find myself a good workout regimen, and I was hoping you guys could suggest some stuff and help me out.

Ok, so, here's the deal. I'm currently in the process of rehabilitating my shoulders. I had sprained my rotator cuff on my right shoulder (...3 years ago) and never rehabbed it until now. Since I have pretty weak shoulders as it is, the lack of working out alone caused my left shoulder to weaken A LOT. So now I'm working with resistance bands (and my doctor) to build muscle back up so I can eventually go back to martial arts.

This is going to take a bit, which is fine, but I really want to start working out like NOW. For years my main (and only) source of cardio was...martial arts, which I currently cannot do. So I'm looking for some good cardio that won't absolutely bore me.


I have two gyms I can use for free (I work in a gym and my college's campus has one). My gym has a spin class which I've been thinking about checking out. I was also checking this out, as one of my friends did it and suggested it. My whole life I've hated running, but it's definitely a good cardio workout.

And I have the option of just hitting the treadmill/elliptical/stationary bike at either gym. I've always been more partial to the elliptical because it's easier on my knees. The problem is that after like 15 minutes on any of those I just get insanely bored, which is why I always preferred kickboxing or Jiu Jitsu but my shoulders aren't allowing that at the moment.

What do you guys think? I really can do anything that won't affect my shoulders.

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