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Workplace craziness

So after lunch on Thursday, I had a kid who refused to sit on the carpet with the other kids and he went to his desk. A little while later, I look over and he has his scissors out, and is waving them in the air. I tell him to put them away, and go back to what I am doing. I look back a moment later, and he has the scissor handle on a pencil, and is spinning it around. I tell him to stop, and that explain how dangerous it is, as I take the scissors away. The moment I step away, he's digging into the desk next to him to take that pair of scissors. I take those away, and then he's up, trying to get another pair. I block him as best I can, but he runs across the room, and gets a pair out of a desk. Then he runs onto the carpet and stands near the other kids with them.

One by one, I start telling the kids closest to him to go line up by the door. As I move more kids away, he starts moving towards them, swinging the scissors at them. I tell the rest to go line up, and he runs after them, waving the scissors. I get everyone out of the room, and as I am blocking the door and calling the office, one of the VP's comes down the hall. This is the new VP, who replaced the awful one from last year. She asks what is wrong, immediately swings into action, and gets him out of the room and takes him to her office. She then asks one of the Spec Ed teachers to come to my room to help me settle my kids, and give me a chance to write down exactly what the kid did.

The VP then attempted to contact his mother, to come and get him, and when she could not, kept him in the office for the rest of the day. What a change from last year, when behaviour kid would have been dumped back on me.


This morning he had to apologize to the class, and I made him listen to the other kids tell him how his actions made them feel.

I don't know what the heck got into this kid. I do not believe he was actually trying to hurt them: he seemed to think it was a game. This is not his first episode where he is defiant and bothers the whole class. Last time he was putting his feet on the other kids on the carpet. When I moved the other kids to their desks he ran around putting his feet on their desks. I ended up taking the class out into the hall that time, and he ended up sitting on the floor crying.

Today he started with the defiance again, but after I told him to knock it off or he was going to the office again.and had him stand at the Wall last recess while I had yard duty, he reigned himself in.

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