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Workplace question

So...one of the partners at my work is constantly saying inappropriate things. He is a IRL “troll” and loveeees upsetting people. The main partner and owner of the firm knows this and just tells the ladies of the office to ignore him because he’s an idiot. I do usually just ignore him. He has told me the following:

  • I should wear more makeup during the week to attract more clients.
  • A co-worker who had someone call her a racial slur on the street outside of our work was asking for it because she was dressed in traditional Indian clothing and “that’s the reason they wear the stuff...to get attention.”

Yesterday he was telling me how he was in a club in Vegas and it was so loud that he wanted to “go Orlando on the place.” I just said “Oh my god.” and walked out.

Now I really do not know what to do and whether I should tell the main partner. I’m sure it will be an issue of “oh the female attorney’s fees-fees are hurt by a joke.” I can’t get over this last comment though and I can’t believe that I’m expected to just deal, in my workplace.

Any thoughts? What would ya’ll do?

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