Do do do do do do do (* Twilight zone theme)

A teacher walks into her lecture theater. She expects the normal chattering and frantic last minute studying. A cell phone ringing. First years, asking for pencils and last minute questions. Instead she greeted by students who are completely silent. Pens and pencils ready. They have left a single space between each of them. Nary a peep. No phones out. They look determined.


25 minutes pass. No one leaves. 35 minutes and no one leaves.

My friends, this teacher has walked into the midterm Twilight Zone.

For reference. Normally it’s noisy when I come in. Some one has forgotten something. Someone’s phone rings. Someone tries to leave 15 minutes in. It was weird that this was their first test, and they were actually ready. It was cool. I did hum the twilight zone theme to myself.

What workplace weirdness did you get into this week?