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This is a strange day but here I am at work. It’s <2 weeks until I plan on putting in my notice. My most recent grievance:

They kicked me and my one employee out of our office and put us in “the pit” (cubicles in the middle of everything). I’m not a princess and I understood that not everyone is going to get an office, however: 1) we were put in that office because we need to use the phone frequently and our office is busy and loud and 2) we have a bunch of STUFF and we were given nowhere to put anything. We asked for a cabinet or something and we’re told we can’t spend the money on it. None of these things apply to the people who were moved into our old office (one of whom only works in the office 1 day a week and the rest of her job is on the road).

“The pit” is very brightly lit with florescent lights on like a ceiling grid. There are way more lights than any designer (me) would put. The picture is basically our ceiling. You could have half the lights and still be over-lit. Everyone who worked in here before got headaches all the time, and I have super sensitive eyes and they haven’t stopped watering. I look like I’m crying the whole day. My boss will not allow any modifications - no unscrewing some bulbs, no putting covers or decorative filters, nothing. So I’ve been wearing my sunglasses. As is her typical response to anything she sent out an email to the entire office saying sunglasses are against the dress code (our dress code which does permit sweatpants and spaghetti strap tank tops). Directly after which I pulled up information online that light sensitivity is a form of visual impairment covered under ADA, and emailed it back to the whole company saying “I’ll get a doctors note if you need it.” The least expensive accommodation they can make for me (aside from move me), would be let me wear the sunglasses I already own.


I have no fucks left! If I did, I’d go further because while my sunglasses aren’t that dark and I can see the computer fine, I’m sure it’s not good for my eyes.

Any of you have any grievances to air?

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