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World Autism Awareness Day and complicated feelings

It’s autism awarness day/week/month and I have very many complicated feelings. I have child on the spectrum that needs a lot of services and believe it is important that people know more about autism. People think they know, but the awful stereotypes, and comments and media representations kinda prove this wrong.

But at the same time, this day is big into Autism Speaks and Light it up Blue both of which are very problematic and are hated by a lot of people in the Actually Autistic community for very real reasons.

My social media feeds are completely divided about this day.

So my mission today is to spread some awareness about other organizations who support the autistic community and will with the Autism Women’s Network:


I have a daughter, so she is always the odd one out even in special needs classrooms as boy’s still dominate diagnosis. And this is predominately from sexism and the fact that autism in girl’s can present differently so fly under the radar and are not referred to specialists until they are older. The website not only promotes autistic women but autistic POC (another underrepresented group) so definitely worth checking out

I know I am not the only person in GT with child on the spectrum (or a family member/or an adult on the spectrum/someone that works in the community) so if anyone else has any organizations, or fun stories or anything else positive they want to share about Autism on this weird week please do!

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