The game has ended, after one OT.



The USMNT fell 2-1 in 121 minutes against Belgium. Can't even say it was a solid effort. It was Tim Howard versus the world. And Belgium came out on top. I am very disappoint.

But someone needs to give Tim Howard a motherfucking medal. I don't think I've seen that many saves in a soccer match EVER.


The second half has begun. Keep the cheers coming, US fans!

Three minutes of stoppage were added to the first half. We are now at half. Thoughts, anyone? I have thoughts. Lol.


Kickoff is now! This is the last above fold update. The game has begun! Go USMNT!

Update: First US shot on goal at the 20th minute. Unsuccessful. Belgium SOT, 21st minute. Also unsuccessful.


Cameron gets a yellow card in the 17th minute. Kinda early. Ouch.

Teams taking the field now. Country flags have already been walked out. Again, in-game updates will be below the jump.


It's that time again, folks! The US is gearing up to kick off against Belgium in a do or die match. Join the live thread. In-game updates will be after the jump as they occur.

I'm excited!!! Who's excited with me?! I believe that we can win!