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Ok, back to Whoville...

I really don’t have much to say about Empress of Mars (I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ve ever liked a Mark Gatiss episode. It was just.... totally meh. I have zero feelings about it except Peter and Pearl were great but they are always great, obviously.) or the Eaters of Light (it was fine, it was whatever. Missy is the only really interesting thing going on.)


I needed another day to process the latest episode.

Okay, #1: This episode shares a title with my favorite chapter of the Diary of River Song 2 in which she and the Sixth Doctor are stupid-cute together so yeah I’m a little miffed at recycling it and having no connection as they are evidently supposed to be canon. But whatever.

I wasn’t surprised to see 12 start to regenerate; I had a feeling it would be starting early since they said it’s going to be a weird one unlike we’ve seen before and it sounds like that means it’s going to drag on for a while. But THAT DOES NOT MEAN I AM OKAY. I AM NOT OKAY. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND HE WAS WASTED FOR 2 SEASONS, HE CAN’T GO!!!!

Basically, this episode was great. I had so many painful feelings. Interstellar is one of my favorite movies and I was getting those black hole time distortion panics here big time. It took me stupidly long to realize the weird-lookin dude was the Master even though I knew he was going to be in this episode, like I only got it a few minutes before he Scooby Dooed the mask off. Duh, me.


I am trying very much not to let myself freak out yet, but the rumors are circulating once again that this is going to be Pearl’s only season and that we’ve just seen why. I won’t believe it til I see it, and I really, really don’t want to believe it. Not only because Bill is the most delightful new face to grace this show since ever, but because:

We cannot do the dead lesbian trope here. We cannot (once again) do the only major character of color being permanently turned into a Cyberman thing. DO NOT DO THIS THING, STEVEN MOFFAT, YOU HAVE BEEN DOING SO WELL!!!! DO NOT END IT THIS WAY!!! I SWEAR TO GOD, DO NOT FREAKING DO IT.


My heart is in pieces over the Doctor and his best frenemy, too. He is such an idiot to have hope, he never learns, and yet here I am too, hoping so hard for Missy redemption. I know that I am only setting myself up for pain by doing so because this show Does Not commit to permanent changes more than once a decade and they’ve already killed and unkilled Gallifrey so they have to wait like 8 more years before something like for-serious-real-real changing the Master’s alignment.

Twelve frickin deserves this though. Let the poor sweet man have his friend and his baby earth daughter.


They are still quoting River from Extremis in the next episode. I really want to know if River and Missy met. There seems to be an implication emerging there that they did but maybe that’s my hopeful imagination.

Also, why does the Doctor keep insinuating he was a woman already in his life? We have all your pics, dude. They’re numbered and everything.

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