Such rage. A few months ago I posted a picture of a dead child that was found on Deer Island in Mass. Asking if people knew her or could forward it.

Today we know who she is Bella Bonds. Not even three years old. Came from a six apartment building.

New England news has been covering it all day. WHDH did a couple of stories that have me raging.

The neighbors.

Neighbor A. Her granddaughter played and was friends with Bella.

Neighbir B thought child just left. What a toddler takes the Midnight Train To Georgia? The mother still lived in the apartment. All the neighbors knew her. Not one. Not one called to say “ah officer I have not seen this toddler who likes like Baby Doe but here is her name and mothers name”.


Interview with relative said that the pictures were close except for cheeks. No. Cheeks were the same.

Interview with grandmother and father of girl. Said basically pictures looked similar.

One person calling giving name of child and mother, case closed.

Why? Here is the punch. The mother was involved with Facebook and had pictures and videos of the girl. No one on Facebook noticed the similarities and that the mother stopped posting pictures.


Yet total strangers were in a service that was planned for her. Strangers not neighbors not family members. Strangers gave a damn for her it seems no one of her circle did.

Indifference of the neighbors probably combined with “I do not want to be involved” and “not my problem” mentality.

At least neither mother nor boyfriend had the smarts to leave town.

You can google the news to see the pictures of Bella and the computer sketch. Yeah could easily be identical twins.


Well solidifies what my mother always says you need to rely on yourself.