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World War of The Dead by Eric S. Brown not bad zombie novel








A shortish zombie novel of 187 pages. It takes place in Germany during WW2. Two archeologists were doing digging for the SS ina cave believed to be where Lucifer fell. It was really a prison for some strong demons Lucifer locked up.


Of course the archeologists left as American and German soldiers were both heading for that spot along with US bombers. Yup you guessed it a bomb blew up the cave which caused a strong demon to escape and dead to walk, run and eat.

Due to this explosion four people got really powerful. A German soldier, American soldier, American medic and an SS officer. Three of them save the world with a few others. One archeologist even calls them superheroes.


The novel at least ends.

Not as good as his Bigfoot Wars novels. I read the first three and they were excellent.


If you like zombie novels read it.

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