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Illustration for article titled Worlds Greatest Dangers (According to My 3 y/o)

10) “The turkey that bit my finger.” (This happened almost 2 years ago now, and it didn’t actually bite him: it pecked NEAR him through a fence.)


9) The Scary Chicken (pictured: from an episode of My Little Pony)

8) Nightshade powder (a character in Tinker Bell uses it and he thinks it’s, like, a thing)


7) “My dangerous grabber” (aka his sister. This is how he describes her to people, no joke.)

6) Wolves

5) Knives (you don’t have to be using them, they’re just always a danger)

4) Our cat (“Be careful! He’s a dangerous predator!”)

3) Cars and roads (I may have encouraged this one a bit)

2) Cliffs (I think he really overestimates their threat level... Also what constitutes a cliff. Like... Our front step has been designated “a cliff”)


1) Bears (OBVI.)

What were the biggest dangers you worried about as a kid?

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