I do not deal well with a lot of noise, especially competing noises. Currently one boss has her daughter in her office, listening to "Let It Go" from Frozen at top volume, my other boss is listening to some crap rap at an equal volume, the office gardener is insisting on telling me "Dad" jokes, and my asshole sociopathic misogynist coworker is currently entertaining a girl from another office who has a voice and inflection that would shatter glass and is going to make my eardrums bleed. Every word out of this girl's mouth is waaaaaaay draawwwwwwnnnn oooooooouuuuuuttt and ends on an up inflection, with a giggle. A FUCKING GIGGLE. YOU ARE TWENTY SEVEN YEARS OLD AND THIS IS WORK.

I have really sensitive hearing, so all of this is like Sartre Hell x Milton Hell raised to the Puritan Hell power.