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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Worried about a tv show (OT if you wish)

I like the how Downward Dog - it’s charming and goodhearted. I also identify a bit with both the dog and his person. But I noticed today when I watched the most recent episode that it was recorded in the middle of the night. I looked ahead, and it is showing at a bunch of random times. I think this is often a sign of impending cancelation!!! I am not okay with this! Seriously, given that we can all pretty much watch TV whenever we want and many people now wait till a show is over to watch it, why are networks (and online providers) so quick to pull tv shows? Sense8 is another example - netflix canceled it moments after season 2 aired, citing low viewership. But maybe people had too much on their tv schedules and hadn’t gotten to it yet!

Anyway, these are ridiculous complaints after a rough day in our world. Talk about whatever you wish - tv related or not!


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