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So I met another girl today who said she was looking for a roommate...

She was nice enough, but she isn't financially stable. She works part time for minimum wage and said she's only been getting one or two shifts a week. She's also never lived on her own/independent from parents, and is in recovery (which, I don't discount her in ANY way for working a program, I think it's wonderful and brave, but many many things she told me alluded to the fact that she's still struggling through some heavy baggage, some of which involve drugs and alcohol.) I wish her the best, but I can't go into that with confidence or peace of mind.

Also, my financial aid is delayed. Despite my repeated visits to the fin aid office at school, wherein I tried to get all of my bases covered so this exact thing WOULDN'T happen to me, where I tried over and over again to make sure the college had ALL the information they needed...according to the aid counselor I talked with yesterday, I did not sign a necessary form for them to process my loan application, and this is the first I'd heard of it. I went online and finished it out and got confirmation that they received it today, but it will be a minimum of two months before I get any kind of disbursement. My classes are paid for with the Pell Grant, so at least that part is done.


I'm starting to get seriously worried (probably unnecessarily panicky to be totally fair) about finding a suitable, safe place to live. I'm so gun-shy about the roommate thing after what I've been through, but with no aid money and barely making minimum wage at my job, I don't see a way around it.

I met another woman a few days ago, who gave me big time weird vibes. Lawyer in her early 30's, seemed really neurotic and negative. Complained a lot about various things when we met and wanted more money than we had originally discussed via email, then I saw the house and...it's just not worth it. I'd maybe pay $350 for what she had to offer and she wanted $600 and bills.

I've been crashing with a friend for three months now, and now that I'm getting paid again I want to get out and give her her space back.

Ugh. I feel like it's going to take an act of god for me to find somewhere that A. I can afford B. That I feel safe C. Would take me with my shaky credit. Fuuuuuck.

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