Lately GF is really starting to show her age. We calculated she is about 12. She now is afraid of clouds. Yes if it starts to get cloudy she scampers next to my chair. Before taking her off her leash in the backyard ended up going after her, thank god she stopped every two inches to sniff. Lately she either lays down two feet away from the door or never goes more then a few feet away to sniff. Oh if she is off the leash out back we are both also outback. BF whenever he is off the leash out back never leaves my mothers side or mine. Sadly neither pees nor poops off a leash which means they still have to be walked.

GF also sleeps more nor able to jump on my bed. She tried this morning and did not make it. She is eating, pooping and peeing fine. If BF yells at something or someone outside she will join in never knowing what he is yelling about, although thats always been true. Physically she seems healthy just slowimg down a lot and much more fearful.

She still loves her favorite game my mother calls it “show your toothies to daddy”. I bend down with both hands in front. She bares her teeth. I pet her. Repeat. I walk away and she barks and wags her tail rapidly. Its idiotic but she loves it. Now I am crying.