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Worried over nothing

I have two graduation parties to attend today. One is at my friend's parents home and I'll be with my university friends, and the other is at a banquet area with my family friends and my parents. I invited the guy I'm seeing to come to both with me, and I feel weird admitting it, but I'm nervous to bring him along. For one thing, my family friends can be super judgmental and nosy and the girls my age talk about people behind their backs like no other (it's been like that since we were kids...one of the many reasons why I never got close to them as friends). Another thing is that I'm worried that he won't have fun. And last thing is that I don't want people to jump to conclusions about our relationship...he's not my boyfriend, but he's not just my friend, either. But I wanted to hang out with him, and I'll have more fun with him around! I'm totally over-thinking all of this, aren't I?


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