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ERMAGERD, y'all. Remember how I told you about poor Mr. MacNasty's satanic boss? Mr. Hitler, let's call him.


In continuing his madness campaign to be considered a "great leader" like ol' Adolf (direct quote), he came into Mr. MacNasty's office this morning and stayed an HOUR, lecturing poor Mr. MacNasty on how he believed the gov't shut-down should be resolved.

You ready?

Brace yourselves.

Mr. Hitler: "We re-write the constitution and re-divide the country. We make the North, South, Midwest, Texas, the Pacific Northwest and California their own entities. It would be like Europe!"

Mr. MacNasty: "Yeah, Europe in 1936." [I am debating starting a fan club for him]

I just CANNOT, y'all.

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