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Worst-case Scenario Planning

Hi GT. I am one of those people that tries to plan for the worst-case scenario because it helps me feel more control over my uncertainties. Like a small grasp on implications so I am not completely blindsided.

Here goes. Let’s hash out what a Trump presidency will look like. Not the stupid gaffes or bullshit that won’t happen (I sincerely doubt an actual wall would be built), but the implications for daily life.

1. Increased police brutality, especially directed towards POC. Overall increased police state mentality, with worshiping police and armed forces. Assuming increased volume and harshness of drug-related arrests and convictions. Overall increase in prison populations.


2. Further intertwining of church and state, but only for Protestant Christianity. Assuming this would lead to increased discrimination against LGBT community. Assuming all sorts of bullshit “religious freedom” laws could happen targeting LGBT folks.

3. It’s going to be fucking horrible to be Muslim, or for people to think you’re Muslim. Assuming talk about increasing deportations, but not really sure this will happen since we already deport a lot more people than people assume we do.

4. Super-conservative Supreme Court. Assuming a lot will be done to overturn Roe v. Wade. Bare minimum increase in TRAP laws.

5. Goodbye Affordable Care Act. Probably a lot of people will be affected by things they didn’t realize involved the ACA (like pre-existing conditions).


6. Increased military spending. Increased deficit and debt.

7. Increased taxes. Stagnation of wages as economy tries to limp along. Deregulation of Wall Street leading to more volatility.


8. Assuming massive funding cuts to public health, education, and national parks.

9. I honestly think nothing will change with respect to gun laws since the NRA already gets whatever the fuck they want.


10. If Congress decides to go with his batshit nutso economic ideas, shrinking of the economy due to loss of overseas business activity. I am assuming Congress won’t go along with this, for the simple reason that their lobbyists would not be happy with them.

11. Cost of living will go up due to weakening of US dollar and increased cost of imports.


12. Not even worth discussing environmental impact because honestly I think we have gone so far past the point of no return for the Earth.

What am I missing? I know it’s probably a lot.

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