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Worst Date of the 21st Century

So I went on the date yesterday. First time in a while so I was a bit nervous, but whatever. Sucked it up, did my hair and makeup. Dressed nicely but not necessarily dressed up as we were going for Asian food at this little spot.


Copied and pasting the rest from my twitter as I immediately had to talk about this with someone to make sure I was alive and awake and not in The Matrix or through The Looking Glass.

“So I went on a date tonight.. and I should’ve live tweeted the whole thing .. because this was. Hands down. THE WORST.”

“ This dude.. this fucking guy mentioned he was a fan of the idea of Eugenics... #worstdate” Like the Nazis....

“&&then followed it up with the white guy weird idea that somehow everyone cross breeding will fix all the sins of the world.”


“Bragged about how he almost left because I was like 25 minutes late ... as if I should’ve been grateful.”

“Even though I texted him that I was in traffic and he knew traffic was shit..and talked about how it took so long for him.”

“Went on and on about how he believes in polyamory and the idea of marriage is unnatural. ON THE FIRST DATE.”

“He encourages drug addicts to pursue their addiction... “as long as it doesn’t fuck up their life.”

“And when we left he walks me to my car.. “Oh my friend has one of those. It’s a piece of shit..” *chuckles softly*

“I just replied... “Oh, really?” “No. I’m just joking. Well I’m out. *hugs me*”


“Got in my car like...


“Should’ve shoved the sushi in my mouth and dipped like...


Remind me to burn my OKC account to the ground and salt the earth.

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