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Worst Day of the Year To Live In Ohio and Not Like The Buckeyes

I just don't care for college football in general, but get confused by the rabid following of the Ohio State Buckeyes by people who didn't go to Ohio State. (My university had such a shitty football team that I can't bring myself to care. College hockey, however? LOVE IT. But the school I went to had a good hockey team, so I've got a strong connection when I root for them. Also, fuck Maine.)

I hope the enthusiastic cornholers find it to be too cold to be outside all day and night. I was sick of hearing the song "I don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan" by 9AM. Also, if you're singing songs about it, clearly you do.


That said, I do hope OSU wins, because I really don't want to be in the office on Monday if they lose.

♫I don't give a damn about the Bucks vs the Wolverines, cause I'm from New Hamp-shire!♫

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