Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

First off the Santa Ana winds are pretty much guaranteeing that I can't breathe today. The heat is just a bonus. Two days a week i have slightly over an hour commute and today on my way to work i not only got to witness a large truck overturned on a flyover, but i got to watch the fire in San Bernardino, add it those 90mph winds whipping up dust so bad i couldn't see and I barely made it to class today. Oh and I nearly got taken out by a truck carrying flammable liquids who was trying to avoid road debris :(

Add in that today was just insanely busy and I didn't get home, back to my cozy cave until after 10 today. Oh and mrchien is away at a business thing,luckily he comes home tomorrow, but it'd be nice to have him around to warm my feet on. Sadly, I have to battle the winds tomorrow, but at least i got paid for my tutoring so i have some money for fun things...but still...


So how are things in your various necks of the woods? Its days like this when i miss living in places that have decent non driving transportation options... so happy gifs and road warrior tales from the road to help me decompress from my crazy day??

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