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Worst Health Week Ever

Today I have all of the UGHS. Everything in my body decided to freak out at the same time.

I have had bad insomnia for the last ten days, endometriosis is causing me to be in really severe pain since last Thursday, I have a yeast infection (apparently a LOVELY side effect of endometriosis), I have a stupid ear infection which I haven't had since I was about 5, and the most worrisome at this moment is a really weird/bad pain I've been having.

It is Wednesday afternoon. Since Sunday afternoon, I've had really bad aches and pain in my back. I thought it was just muscular and that it would go away. It's been painful to sit, stand, walk, lie down...coupled with the insomnia, I have had not a single moment of sleep in the last 3 nights and have been going through life like a zombie. This morning I started thinking maybe it's an internal issue. The ache isn't just on my back anymore, it feels like it is inside me and it also hurts on my lower chest/torso area. Healthcare here absolutely blows, nowhere can get me in for an appointment for the next two weeks. I begged and begged one clinic to try and fit me in and I'm waiting for a call back, but it's looking unlikely.


I really really hate going to the doctor. But more than the pain I can't bear the thought of another sleepless night. :(


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