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Worst marriage advice given to me

The article about helpful marriage advice made me think of the advice I heard from at least half a dozen people at my wedding: "If the wife isn't happy, nobody's happy.". Discounting the unwanted fertility advice from a batty old relative, this line has irritated me more than anything else anyone said that day.

I'd be tempted to say it was a joke, but two guests literally told us things like "You might think it's a joke, but it's true!" with big smiles on their faces. Even if it wasn't meant to be taken seriously, what's the joke? That women are harpies who need to be placated?

If it's taken as even remotely true, the implications are worse. Not only am I selfish enough that I'll make everyone's lives miserable if I'm not happy, but apparently I have no agency over my emotions and it is my husband's duty to make and keep me happy. Not because he loves me, but because otherwise I'll turn on him. Nevermind the idea that we might be equals who want each other's happiness, or the concept that sometimes I might be justifiably sad or angry for reasons my husband cannot (or shouldn't need to) control.


Did this line bug anyone else as much? Did you get any worse relationship advice?

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