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So, at the apartment complex where I live, there are a series of "reserved" spots that you have to buy at like $40/month. They're right around the entrance to the building and obviously the best spots. Whenever someone is moving, they usually put their moving truck in one of those spots while the person is out, then move it when the person comes back. It's the way it's been done the entire time I've lived here. Better that than blocking the whole street! People are usually super nice about just telling you to move the truck. Some of the spaces aren't even rented, so if you can figure out which one those are, you can just camp out there.

So that's what we did. Until 8pm on Saturday night when our neighbor decided it'd be too much to ask us to move and called a towing company. Our U-Haul got towed.


The damage?

- $300 in towing fees

- 2 broken bookshelves and a broken coffee table because they towed it when it was partially packed and we hadn't secured things

- like an extra $40 in mileage

I'm so pissed. We totally would've moved it! This has been the worst move ever. We maxed out our only credit card covering the $300 for the towing plus $120 for the truck plus like $100 in incidentals plus $140 in bills due this weekend. I've got $80 in cash from tutoring that we're living off until payday.


I feel like chugging a bottle of wine. So MAD!

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