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"Worst 'Nice Guy' Experiences"

The Women of Reddit shared some of their “nice guys” stories and they are...something.


I have been so lucky that I only have a few of these experiences and they were very mild compared to the ones I hear about.

The comments contain more stories and statements of support...

Until this comment from KipSmithers:

Confession: Ladies, as a man, I want to say that...not only are we dumber than you, but we’re dumber than you all think we are. Not using it as an excuse, but just ask you to take it into account. For that reason, instead of throwing the book at us, a few chapters will suffice...believe me. I seriously don’t know how you put up with us or how we function without you.

Something that will help is to dumb it down for us, when it comes to what you’re thinking. Signals just mess with our feeble minds. We’re not sure if you are mad at us or just in a bad mood and we don’t usually ask what is wrong, in case you are upset at us for not getting your signals. On the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, if you like us, just tell us, because we don’t know if you like us or are just a friendly person.


A Guy...who just tries to treat others with kindness and respect.

P.S.: Not about the column, but just in general.

“Not about this column, but just in general.” translation “I’m a nice guy and bitches be crazy”


This did not go over well.

And then Grayson Christie shows up:

Yep. Guys are not dumb as a gender. Some guys are dumb, some are smart, some are decent human beings and some are sociopathic jerks. No gender has an advantage in regard to intellect, but as a group, men should be considered more dangerous in terms of the potential for physical violence. However, all the behavior described in the post is abnormal and not typical for well adjusted males.


Oh thank you for mansplaining that all of these stories are about maladjusted or abnormal men and are not at all common.

Of course he is promptly informed that “nice guy” syndrome is totally common and these are atypical men. Being a mansplainer he does not accept this and keeps citing the woman he is currently polling about it and their responses say he is correct in his assessment.


I have read all the comments and I don’t think Grayson every accepts the error of his thinking but what’s new.

Now, despite my better judgement, I am going to read the original thread in Reddit.

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